Gardening Group

The Gardening Group has great fun learning about gardening through discussions which range from what works/doesn’t work in our gardens, articles we’ve read and information we’ve garnered along the way. Sometimes we visit established gardens, such as the Centennial Conservatory in Etobicoke, and we’ve attended seminars at the Garden Gallery. At Christmas we get creative and make our own urn inserts. In the summer we culminate our year with a garden party.

All are welcome.  Come when you can. You’ll find that the world can be your GARDEN.

Dining Divas

Members who enjoy good food and great company love Dining Divas! The group meets monthly to enjoy a five course dinner that they prepare. The menu stretches from internationally themed cuisine, to family favourites, and everything in between. Each member prepares an assigned course and the host looks after the main dish. Sometimes the group opts to dine out at “Barrielicious” or other events and restaurants in the area. If you enjoy cooking and dining out, join Dining Divas for a fun culinary experience!


Mystery Book Club

Our interest group happens to enjoy reading the genre of book called broadly ‘murder mysteries’. Our participants range from those who are just getting started to those who are familiar with many authors and styles. We meet in the evening once a month between September and June. Each June we gather to compile a list of books for the year ahead.


Classic Book Club

This group meets and selects six classic novels to read in the season and meets for discussion every second month. Hosted by one of our members. Always stimulating. Always interesting.

Book Exchange Club

Read twelve books for the price of one! Vote on what to read for the year. Have one month to read a book before passing it on to the next member. No discussion group, no pressure to read the book you have that month…just relax and enjoy a good read! We meet only once, in the late fall, to select the books we would like to read.

Lunch Bunch

An email is automatically sent to each member to invite them to explore interesting restaurants in the Barrie area and enjoy lunch out with a great group of gals. Meets once a month at the chosen restaurant.

Inernational Dining

Tantalizing international flavours. The prepared menu and shopping list is shared by the participating couples who shop for and create dishes from around the world to be enjoyed along with scintillating conversation.

Movie Group

The Movie Matinee Group meets once a month to watch a movie at the Cinema and then might get together afterwards for discussion, and some food or beverages.

MOOC Group

Massive Open Online Courses
– Dive into interesting and complex topics
– Hear from experts
– Receive FREE high quality learning
– Book club concept for discussion

Book Club

The Book Club meets once per month (except in December, July and August) to discuss the books that have been selected.